What Is the Social Distancing Rule in Scotland

Before any social occasion, it is recommended to pass a side-flow device test. If the test is positive, you should reserve a PCR test and isolate it until you get the results. This document presents the results of this review and takes into account the science surrounding physical distancing, the current and projected state of the outbreak in Scotland given our vaccine launch and the “four harms” of the virus. While physical distancing is associated with other protective measures such as social gatherings, this review focused on physical distancing restrictions and the significant impact they have on individuals and businesses. However, due to the important association with physical distancing requirements and similar issues to consider when it is considered safe to revise them, we will also remove the rules for outdoor social gatherings while lifting the requirement for physical distancing outdoors. Collection rules remain in effect indoors until the physical distancing requirement for these settings is lifted. The continued need for further protective measures will be regularly considered as part of the overall assessment of the state of the epidemic, and any changes to these measures will be guided by both clinical advice and scientific evidence. Shops, supermarkets and businesses across Scotland must reintroduce social distancing protection measures under new guidelines and limit the number of people in their shops to stop the spread of omicron. Decisions about how and when to relax distancing measures are ultimately a finely balanced judgment. After this review, our assessment is that while we continue to find ourselves in a situation where we must continue to relax with caution, we can now show a way to relax and then eliminate the current physical distancing requirements. Our verdict is that the most appropriate way to offset both risks and benefits is to follow a gradual process of easing restrictions and focus first on less risky outdoor environments. The gradual process of removing legal restrictions on physical distancing – which is subject to pre-screening of the respective changes – is described as follows.

This is indicative data at this stage and final decisions will be taken in the reviews before 19 July and 9 August. The rules also affected sporting events, which led to the advance of the Scottish Premiership`s winter break. You should stay home if you can and limit the number of social contacts you have with other people – gather in groups of up to three households. Restrictions begin on Boxing Day in Scotland, where indoor events are limited to 100 people standing or sitting for 200 people, and outdoor events are limited to 500 people. One meter of social distancing is applied. Sturgeon said the exact guidelines would be published later this week for various sectors, but that the regulations provide for two metres of distancing guidelines limiting the number of customers returning to Scotland in shops. There will be no more Covid restrictions in England before New Year`s Day, although the health minister has said people should “remain cautious” and the prime minister has urged people to test themselves before socialising. You must wear a face covering on planes and at airports (except exclusion) with physical distancing. You need to limit the number of contacts you currently have. When socializing, you should gather in small groups of up to three households. Stricter regulations have already been introduced in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. From 27.

In December, nightclubs will have to close and pubs and other restaurants selling alcohol will have to reintroduce table service. These rules will also be in place for at least three weeks. Choirs and groups can perform without a face covering (but only with a distance of 2 meters or a separation between other artists/audiences), but you should wear a face covering when singing as part of a community. Businesses are now required by law to take measures to reduce the spread of Covid, including restoring physical distancing and screens. From December 27, there will be additional rules on household mixing. Groups must be limited to three households. There will also be a social distancing of 1 meter, which will be enforced in pubs such as pubs and restaurants, as well as in theaters, cinemas and gyms. .